Update on CT Grown with DOAG Commissioner Bryan Hurlburt

Here is Renee's interview with Bryan Hurlburt, Commissioner of the CT Department of Agriculture!

This weekend rounds off National Agriculture Week and here in CT, the Department of Agriculture just unveiled a new site to help you find CT Grown products!

Listen here:

The mission of CT Grown is to sustain and grow Connecticut agriculture and aquaculture.

The Connecticut Grown Program was developed by the state Department of Agriculture in 1986. Our now-familiar green and blue logo proudly identifies agriculture and aquaculture products from all over the state. Over the past three decades, the Connecticut Grown Program has blossomed into a multifaceted initiative supporting the diversity of Connecticut Grown products in local, regional, national, and international markets through both direct-to-consumer and wholesale-oriented program components.


Find CT Grown

Connecticut Grown products are right in your backyard! With over 5,500 producers in CT, you can find fresh, high-quality products right next door. Discover CT Grown with this map.

Click here to view the map!

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