Meet Dell! A Friendly Little 8 Year Old Hound Mix, Ready for Adoption!

It’s hard to resist Dell’s big puppy dog eyes! This 8-year-old hound knows how to persuade you to give her more treats, an extra walk, or even some lap time! She spent a few weeks in a volunteer foster home while receiving medical treatment at the Connecticut Humane Society, and worked on crate training and commands like “sit” and “stay.”

She also enjoyed being a couch potato while in her foster home, but did sometimes get the zoomies. Dell has also told all of her human friends she does not particularly enjoy cold weather and must be bundled up for walks on chilly days. But she absolutely loves getting outside when it’s warm out!

Her ideal home would be with adults only and where she can be the only pet to soak up all the attention…she loves always being near her humans. CHS veterinarians have diagnosed Dell with Lyme disease and while she’s started treatment for it, she’ll likely need to continue her medication in her new home.

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