Kerry's Morning Quickies!

  • William Shatner is turning 90 this month! (March 22nd)
  • Connecticut Ranks #5 in the nation for life expectancy. (Center for Disease Control). The overall life expenctancy in the country is 78.7 years. Hawaii is #1 for life expectancy at 81 Source: Daily Mail
  • More and more people are giving up booze! Non-alcoholic drink sales have been going up since February and there's been over a 200% increase in people searching "sober or dry gifts" in the last three months! Source: USA Today
  • Patriots flew an entire regiment of soldiers to Texas on their private jet! And BILL BELICHICK shaved his head for charity!

Make sure you watch South Park's latest VACCINATION EPISODE! It's AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS! TRUST ME! has added over 600 NEW words!!!

  • Supposably– “as may be assumed, imagined or supposed.”
  • Embiggen- to make or become bigger, a word that was used on an episode of “The Simpsons”
  • Cromulent– also used on “The Simpsons,” meaning “acceptable or legitimate.”
  • Deep Fake- a fake, digitally manipulated video or audio file
  • Labradoodles– one of 23-new dog-inspired words. Others include Schnoodle, Yorkiepoo and Pomsky.
  • Sponcon -  short for sponsored content 


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