Adopted Woman Finds and REUNITES Birth Parents!

A woman who was adopted as a baby decided to search for her biological parents at age 52 and in finding them, she reconnected the former couple. In 1968,Laura Mabry was adopted and she didn’t try to learn more about her birth parents until 2019, when she took a DNA test.

She was able to track down her biological mother, Donna Horn and they started communicating by text and email. Donna asked if Laura would like to know who her father is, and she found out he’s Joe Cougill, Donna’s high school sweetheart. They were teenagers when they had Laura and knew adoption would be best and they had both moved on with their lives and married other people.

But when Laura reconnected with them individually, she also put them in touch with each other again. Joe was divorced and Donna’s husband had passed away and they bonded immediately, despite the half a century they had been apart. Things were going so well, they got married last May! Laura says finding them has “fulfilled something in my life that even I didn’t realize I needed so much,” adding, “knowing my history helped complete my whole identity.”

Source: ABC News

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