"Honey, Your Mother Should Move to Madison, Wisconsin! "

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So if your life would be 1000 times better if your single mother-in-law lived 8 states away, AARP came out with the Top Ten Best Cities for Older Singles. This is based on something called "livability index" or something that looks into the overall population of 65 & over, the city's size & location and access to healthcare facilities.

Madison Wisconsin is the best city in America for Mom, Dad or Aunt Brenda & Uncle Vinnie. They have a livability index of 66 and scored high marks for retirement communities, neighborhoods, civic and social engagement and health

Top Ten Best Cities For Older Singles

1. Madison, WI

2. Arlington, VA

3. Denver, CO

4. New York, NY

5. Austin, TX

6. Pittsburgh, PA

7. Springfield, MA

8. Sun City, AZ (tie)

8. The Villages, FL (tie)

10. Palm Springs, CA

Source: Fox News

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