Almost ALL OF US Have at Least ONE "Secret" Online Account

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Wow! So it's not just you! Almost half of us, have at least ONE "SECRET" account that our partner or spouse doesn't know about! Whether its a secret bank account, social media account or dating account, 43% of us have at least one.

A new poll by 1Password finds:

  • 43% of Americans have at least one online account they keep secret from their partner.
  • Men are more likely to have a secret account than women (48% vs. 35%).
  • Even sneakier, 25% of men say they have a secret social media account.

And that’s not the only way folks are keeping their digital lives separate from their loved ones. While it’s never good to share your password, folks have some thoughts on whether that rule extends to partners.

  • 33% of people say it’s healthy not to share passwords with a partner, although 16% say not doing so could cause relationship troubles.
  • 25% of people would only share a passcode after they are married, while 20% would never share it. 

And there’s a very good reason not to want to share, since things can get problematic if a relationship fails.

  • In fact, 44% of American say they’ve attempted to access an ex’s online account after a split.
  • 34% have accessed an ex’s account for a year or longer post-relationship.
  • Surprisingly, 15% of Americans admit they never thought to change their passwords following a split.
  • 34% still log into their ex’s social media accounts to see what they’ve been up to.
  • 25% of men admit they’ve accessed an ex’s account to prank them, while only 12% of women have done so. 

Source:Yahoo Finance

Photo: Getty Images

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