Meet Nutmeg! A Friendly English Spot Mix Rabbit, Ready For Adoption!

Nutmeg is happy to be warm and safe inside these days. She was found outdoors and then brought to the Connecticut Humane Society, as pet bunnies can’t fend for themselves outside the way that wild rabbits do. This 1-year-old English spot mix is a friendly girl who has been social with humans since she arrived...and even with other rabbits!

Nutmeg’s living area at CHS is near another rabbit, and she’s been curious about him, sniffing his living area very politely. Adoption counselors can discuss possibly bonding Nutmeg with another rabbit if a potential adopter currently has a bunny at home. Nutmeg has received medical care and been spayed at CHS.

Just like any other pet, rabbits need lots of time with their humans every day, and enjoy having a wide open space for exploring, such as a penned-in area of a room. Visit to learn more. An online application can be found in each pet’s profile.

CHS is a private organization with locations in Newington, Waterford and Westport and the reduced-fee Fox Memorial Clinic for owned pets, and is not affiliated with the government or any other animal welfare organizations. CHS’ work is made possible 100% through the generosity of donors.

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