Classical Magnet School Interview with Bethany Sullivan, Principal

Here is Renee's interview with Bethany Sullivan, Principal of Classical Magnet School in Hartford.

She shares all about Classical Magnet School and how you can apply!

Listen here:

What sets Classical apart from other schools? Our philosophy! Our school focuses heavily on a classic liberal arts, college prep curriculum that teaches students to think, problem solve, and communicate - skills that transfer to everything and set our students apart. Data shows that people forget 95% of what they learn at school - at Classical we not only teach content mastery but we teach students how to think and question and solve problems which are skills that stay with you through your entire life.

At Classical our graduation rate is 98.5% - 14 points higher than the state average - with a 97.6% college acceptance rate - 15 points higher than the state average! At Classical our students graduate and go to four year colleges. We have an 88% 4-year college attendance rate (those students who attend after getting in) with a 94% college perseverance rate (our alumni graduating college). Both of these numbers are well above the State average and almost all other magnet schools as well!

We have a nationally recognized and award winning Theatre Program, numerous state championship sports, one of the top music programs in Hartford, and an amazing art program that regularly gets student work into community galleries!

Admission to Classical Magnet is open to all students entering grades 6-12 in Hartford and surrounding towns. Students are selected through the Regional School Choice Office (RSCO) lottery process. All applications and the lottery are managed through the RSCO.

Visit the RSCO (Regional School Choice Office) website here: Schools Choice Website

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