WOW!! Norwich Connecticut Baby Born in Snowstorm!!

What a story!!

Hartford HealthCare said Kaitlyn Vacchina of Lebanon unexpectedly delivered her baby in the front seat of her car as they pulled up at the Backus Hospital Emergency Department on Monday.

Kaitlyn’s husband David said he ran into the emergency department and shouted his wife was having a baby.

When he ran out with the staff a few seconds later, the baby, Molly, had been delivered in the front seat.

Molly weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces and is doing great! As are Kaitlyn and David.

Molly has an older sister, Adalyn, who is two-and-a-half years old.

Backus Emergency Department physician Theresa Adams, MD, said this about the delivery:

"I heard a commotion near the nurses desk in the front of the ED. I heard someone say "Get the baby..." so I began running, following the staff headed out to the parking area. Then someone shouted, "The baby's out. The baby's out." I realized that it was someone delivering a baby in the snowstorm.
The car was pulled up in front of the sidewalk outside the ED entrance. The father had helped mom deliver the baby just before I arrived. The baby was on mom's belly with some blankets covering her. I stimulated the baby and she cried. She looked pink and was breathing well. Then I told mom that I was going to cut the cord because it was so cold and we needed to get them both inside quickly and safely. As a nurse held open the delivery tray equipment for me, I clamped and cut the cord. Then I grabbed the baby and carried her inside so everyone else could help mom get out of the car. (The photographer snapped my photo as I turned around to run inside.) Mom was reunited with baby as soon as she got into the ED. The baby was doing well, and did not seem to have suffered any effects from the cold/snow. Then the OB team took them both upstairs to the labor and delivery floor to assess them, deliver the placenta, and weigh the baby, etc.
I have delivered multiple babies (20+) during residency, but none since I became an attending 7 years ago. We are lucky to have the OB department at Backus that is fully staffed at all times, so the opportunity really doesn't present itself very often. It was a wonderful surprise to all the staff, especially in the midst of what has been a very tough year for all of us!”

You can see this story with Nicole Nalepa on WFSB tonight during her Bright Spot!!

Photo: Backus Emergency Department physician Theresa Adams, MD, carefully wraps a newborn baby into blankets before quickly carrying the little girl into the hospital during Monday's snowstorm

Hartford HealthCare

Photo: . Kaitlyn Vacchina and her husband David of Lebanon made it as far as the parking lot behind the Backus Emergency Department but the baby was born in their vehicle as staff rushed out of the hospital to assist.

Hartford HealthCare

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