Meet Ezra! 10 Month Old Doberman Pinscher Mix Looking for His Forever Home!

Meet Ezra!

Look at this sweet boy's face and we guarantee that you will fall in love in a minute. Ezra is a 10-month-old Doberman Pinscher mix weighing around 70 pounds. It is estimated that he will be around the 90-pound range when fully grown. Ezra is very high energy and he hits the ground running. He is highly intelligent and incredibly trainable but will need a knowledgeable and breed-experienced family to help him succeed. Ezra is most successful when he receives several hours of exercise on a daily basis. This includes playtime in a fenced area or in structured daycare.

Ezra also loves food toys such as slow feed bowls, frozen kongs, and snuffle mats that allow him to use intelligence to reach a goal. Ezra is very social and playful and would do well as the apple of your eye or with an equally confident, energetic, and playful dog friend. He also does well with older, dog-savvy children but it is unknown how he would do with cats. Ezra has mastered his crate training. He is working on his house and leash training. It will take some time but he knows that he will get help from his forever family to assist him in the process.

This boy is a diamond in the rough with lots of potentials to be a wonderful canine companion. He will need to have the support of his family that will provide him will all the resources needed to harness his abundant energy but the result will be a loving and sweet canine companion.

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