Happy Tails: Connecticut Man & Dog Facing Homelessness Get Miracle

Happy Tails: Connecticut Man & Dog Facing Homelessness Get A Last Minute Miracle. Through generous support of local businesses, rescues and a landlord who happens to be a fan of iHeartRadio, D & Capone have a home.

"It takes a village!"

D and his dog son Capone, lost their home due to no fault of their own. The owner passed away and the family decided to sell. He spent weeks trying to find a home that he could afford and that would take his dog.

Every lead turned to a disappointment, "Yes we take dogs - no not that big". OR "Yes we take dogs, no not that breed."

The only places that seemed to work were way out of his prince range. He didn't give up , turned to help with rescues and they turned to me to turn up the pressure via the media.

Then another blow, the new buyers wanted to move in early and instead of have a little more time to look, he had to be out by Saturday, 1.23.21.

We went into a frenzy, calling texting, begging, blasting on social media. To make a long, emotional and stressful story short - we found two business women to pick up the tab at a hotel that would take both he and his dog. This was at noon on Saturday - he was checked in and warm and safe before 2:30pm. Officially without a home.

He and Capone would be safe for a while.

Enter a a true Angel on earth, I received an email at 7am Sunday morning from a landlord who hadn't yet placed his apartment for rent. The last renter moved out to be with his girlfriend. He just completed the clean up and somehow saw my post. (He happens to be an avid listener to The River 105.9 among other iHeartRadio stations.)

He offered to meet with D at 3pm today. Long story short once again, multiple people came to the aid for the security deposits, food, dog food etc. I spoke with this landlord who simply said he saw the post and knew he had to pay it forward. I openly cried on the phone with him, I could hear in his voice true compassion.

D & Capone move into their new home this week. Signing a 12 month lease.

I'm not using any names unless given permission. Just know that a true miracle at the last minute possible happened because of caring wonderful people pulling together to help a very grateful young man and his pup.

Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts who spent this weekend trying to help a good decent young man who just needed a helping hand from incredibly kind strangers.

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