Star Wars Nerds Don't Approve of Bill Burr's Boston Accent LOLOLOL!!!!

Photo: Getty Images

Once again...Bill Burr knocks it out of the park! I mean, Bill is one of my favorite comedians ever! He's pretty much right down the middle with his jokes. So the virgin Star Wars nerds (which includes me...well maybe not the virgin part) were moaning & groaning about Bill Burr's character on The Mandalorian and how Bill has a Boston accent in outer space...listen starting at 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Bill's response to the intergalactic criticism proves he is a true Jedi Master!

“‘I’ve never heard a Boston accent in outer space,’ is what they say,” Burr told Fallon. “I always go like, ‘Oh yeah, what about English?’ Isn’t that a little weird, if you went to a galaxy far, far away, and you get off, and somebody’s like, ‘Hey how’s it going?’ And you totally understand them?”

“What about the fact that Han Solois talking to a Bigfoot?,” Burr added, in reference to the Wookie character Chewbacca. “He’s speaking Bigfoot, Han Solo’s speaking English, they never break character. But one keeps going ‘aughawaughawugh,’ and he’s like, ‘I said hit the button, Chewie!’ And that was all fine.”

Burr continued to do his own sarcastic nitpicking on the validity of classic 'Star Wars' characters attributes before capping it off with, "“Eff those nerdy, nitpicking nerds."

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