Would You Rather a Raise or More Days OFF?

While nobody doesn’t like getting a pay raise, a new survey finds that a lot of people would prefer a different perk from their employer. 

A new poll finds:

  • 57% of Americans say getting an extra day off each month for “life admin” tasks would be preferable to a 10% pay bump each year.
  • They’d use that day on such tasks as paying bills, making appointments and more.
  • Among the worst life admin tasks:
    • Responding to messages and emails (31%)
    • Making phone calls (31%)
    • Reaching out to customer service (27%)
    • Updating their planner (26%)
    • Organizing files (26%)
  • Even if they don’t get one, 46% of people say they already take an unpaid life admin day.
  • Gen Xer’s are the most likely generation to have already taken such a day (54%) 

And it seems such life admin tasks are proving hard for some people.

  • 67% of people say they find themselves easily overwhelmed by them.
  • 57% tend to procrastinate about doing them, even if they take just a few minutes.
  • Tasks they are most likely to procrastinate about:
    • Making medical appointments (37%)
    • Renewing an ID or license (34%)
    • Scheduling a haircut (31%)
    • Updating or writing a will (31%)

Source:SWNS Digital

Photo: Getty

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