Meet Grayson! A Sweet 8 Year Old Kitty Hoping to Find Her Forever Home!

Meet Grayson!

I hope you can grant me my Birthday wish! I am so deserving of a forever home.

I am Grayson. I have been at AFL for 1 full year. I am a hefty 8 y.o. 15 pound female. I eat too much when I am sad. Unfortunately, I have become depressed and withdrawn and it is hard for me to enjoy all the things I use to when I lived in what I thought was my forever home. I loved people watching, laying in the sun, playing with a variety of toys and getting lots of attention and affection.

But now, it is different. I don't like uninvited attention or being startled, I don't like to be held much and don't like other cats. You can come to me but on my terms for now. I will get back to the cat I used to be with some trust and patience. It wont take long. I am not the cat for just anybody right now, but I could be the right cat for you. Please give me a chance. Please adopt me. I can go on a trial adoption to your home so you can see if we are meant for each other.

 You can put in an application to adopt me at or visit to view all current cats/kittens available for adoption.

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