Fidelco Guide Dog Ambassador and Puppy Raiser Marion Yingling

Photo: Fidelco

Here is Renee's interview with Marion Yingling, a college student and dedicated volunteer puppy raiser for Fidelco

She shares her journey from puppy raiser to ambassador, with her Fidelco Dog Tink!

Listen here:

Marion Yingling is featured in the Fidelco fall 2020 newsletter. Marion is not only a college student, but she has been a dedicated volunteer puppy raiser for Fidelco. 

Marion is now in CT, focused on finishing her fall semester online classes and exams. Fidelco puppy “Griffin” (featured with Marion in the newsletter), is now living with another puppy raiser family, being raised and socialized with new people and experiences – all possible because of the great foundation Marion created when she had Griffin through November.

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