CT News: Governor Lamont chats with Renee DiNino

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont chats with Renee DiNino on vaccines, snow, pandemic relief and more.

That 4 letter word is on everyone’s mind in Connecticut ….let’s start with that! S N O W!

1.Meteorologist are saying this could potentially be one of our bigger storms in years, in fact this morning many are saying starting through the Wednesday overnight and during the day Thursday many roads will be impassible. At what point to make the call to call for a state of emergency and possible closures of highways?

2.Some towns have already dipped into their snow removal budgets, what measures do you have in place to help towns on a local level and then how are snow removal funds for the DOT, as we really are just starting what could be a very snowy winter!

3.Governor, I have heard the Restaurant Assoc has been asking for additional state grant support through CARES Act funding and you’ve mentioned as recent as late last week that you are working on something to help the industry. Do you think you will be able to provide more financial support to this industry through an enhanced grant program, as you continue to mention how hard it is for this industry?

4.How exciting that the Covid-19 vaccine is here! When will you get it the vaccine?

5...And who will administer this shot to you….

6.During the next two weeks, Connecticut is expected to receive 129,600 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. My friend Tracey at Channel 3 asks, “Every state decides who will get the vaccine first ... and what the tiers are. Are governors working together to make these decisions so there is some continuity among states?”

7.DrFauci predicted herd immunity by next fall and “normality” by 2021 – but realistically how much longer can small businesses, or any, for that matter stay at reduced capacity or services? Many say they couldn’t even with stand another short shutdown.

8.What are your conversations with the Governors of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York like since they seem to be more aggressive with their reopen phases? You’ve held strong on trying to keep as many business open as possible – are you feeling any pushback with Governors to follow suit?

9.With the Electoral College confirmation of the 2020 election last night, for President Elect Joe Biden, there are still many who disagree with this decision. We’ve seen this across the country and in our own congress. What is the general feel between Connecticut Republican & Democrat politicians?

10.CT has been looked at nationally for many things over this pandemic, mostly in a positive light and now once again, CT is making history. As we will become the first state to require high schools to offer Black and Latino studies in fall 2022 – tell about how this decision happened and how amazing this is to go down in history as the first state to do this!

11.BONUS: What are your holiday plans?

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