Breakthrough Magnet School-North

Here is Renee's interview with Katherine Leonard, Principal of Breakthrough Magnet School-North in Hartford.

She shares about all of the great opportunities Breakthrough North provides students, including their brand new state-of-the-art building!

Listen here:

The mission of Breakthrough Magnet School North is for staff, families, and community members of diverse backgrounds to work in partnership, developing students as models of outstanding character. At Breakthrough North, character development permeates all aspects of our curriculum. We empower students to be the authors of their own lives and develop their problem solving skills to make responsible choices.

The vision at Breakthrough Magnet School North is to provide students with academic rigor, aesthetic appreciation, technological expertise, and physical expressiveness aimed at contributing to others. Breakthrough North is a school where families and teachers work together, striving for academic success. We stress purposeful learning, whereby students gain knowledge, utilize higher order thinking, exercise the mind and body, and value learning. All are trained and instructed in the unique Character Curriculum rooted in Positive Psychology and Mindfulness. At Breakthrough Magnet School North, we celebrate our global community, and our students’ resultant lives are marked by vitality, effectiveness, health, and well-being.

Breakthrough’s Character education curriculum raises student awareness in 5 major areas:

B - Changing Breakdowns to Breakthroughs by applying problem solving strategies,

R - taking Responsibility for being the author of one’s life by mastering one’s self talk,

I - learning how Integrity (keeping one’s word) empowers relationships and goals,

C - creating opportunities for students to Contribute within the classroom, school and community,

K - engaging students to increase their Knowledge in all areas to better inform their choices

Be a BRICK not a marshmallow!!

visit their website by clicking here!

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