CT Exit Signs to be replaced & renumbered starting TODAY!

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Sure, why not...MORE CHANGE!!!

CT Exit Signs to be replaced & renumbered on a few highways starting TODAY! The DOT will not only replace all of the exit signs along Routes 9, 17, and 82, but will also change the exit numbers. Don't worry, you'll see the old exit numbers posted for a while until we get used to it!

The project will last through March/2022

Work involves signs on Route 9, 17 and 82. Signs and their supports will be replaced along:

  • Route 9, from Interstate 95 in Old Saybrook to Interstate 84 in Farmington
  • Route 17, from the South Main Street intersection to Route 9 in Middletown
  • Route 82, from Route 9 to the Route 154 intersection in Chester and Haddam
  • All associated on-ramps and off-ramps

To be in conformance with federal standards, the DOT said the exit numbers are required to be revised from the existing sequential numbering to mileage-based numbering. An "old exit" number will be posted adjacent to the signs for about two years while drivers become familiar with the new numbers.

Signs that have lost their reflectivity, have evidence of damage, or are no longer in compliance with federal and state standards will be replaced. Those include large overhead and side-mounted guide signs, and smaller signs such as mile markers, exit gore signs, speed limit signs, merge signs, and route confirmation signs.

Drivers can expect delays Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 5 a.m. and they may also experience delays on the weekend.

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