4 Sweet Little Sibiling Kitties, Ready for Adoption!

The "Pepper Kittens" from Animals for Life, Naugatuck, CT

Mama Bell Pepper has since been adopted, but her" Pepper Kitten" siblings are now up for adoption. Cayenne is a sweet, stunning Calico. Look at that tail! Is that feather duster perfection or what? 

Tabasco on the other hand is a gorgeous, a bit on the shy side female who enjoys snuggling with her sisters. 

Chili, is a fascinating calico with very distinct facial features. She is the joker of the bunch. She tends to roam around with a cute harmless growl at anything stationary or moving when she is in the mood.

Lastly, we have Jalapeno, the male charmer of the bunch. If you thought Cayenne had the perfect bushiest tail take a look at this boy. It was a close contest but Jalapeno took the prize. What do you think?

You can find our online-fillable adoption application by visiting https://animalsforlife.org/feline-adoption-application. You can view our available cats and kittens for adoption by visiting animalsforlife.org

As always with litters, applications for two or more kittens take priority.

We are currently accepting applications and scheduling visits to our shelter by appointments only.

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