Brian May put aside his guitar this week and went to London's legendary Apollo Theatre -- formerly the Hammersmith Odeon -- to try and save rock and roll..

May, who is a doctor of astrophysics,sayshe "woke up one morning with the ghost of an idea -- a way to try to design an air-flow system to make theaters and arenas safe enough in the pandemic situation to allow concerts as we used to know them to take place again.

"So we -- a small team comprising me, a Cambridge professor and the two top air-flow experts from the London O2 arena -- met, socially distanced of course, at the Apollo, to study its ventilation system and test some theories. It’s early days, and there are big problems to solve, but if we succeed even in part, it could be a move towards saving the concerts we all miss so much."

This of course includes Queen + Adam Lambert, who are scheduled to start a European tour on May 23rd in Italy. 

Photo: Getty Images

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