Governor Lamont answers questions from listener's across Connecticut

Governor Ned Lamont answers questions from listener's across Connecticut. Is there a statewide shutdown coming? Is there a rainy-day fund to help CT residents? Does the data show children are at more risk playing sports than going to school? An update to his special message to Max, the 10 year old who wrote him about playing hockey, and will he join President -elect Biden's team if asked?

From Vanessa in West Hartford:

Local Doctors and Nurses have asked for a pause in reopening Connecticut, estimating that hospitals will be at capacity in under 14 days, needing to use operating rooms and other options. Seeing what is happening in Rhode Island, what are your feeling as of right now, knowing this is coming from our health professionals?

Ben in Hartford: You’ve mentioned thatConnecticut could be receiving up to 40,000 doses of the vaccine by the end of this year. – How will you decide who gets it first, and when it becomes more readily available – do you envision drive through vaccination sites, much like the testing sites and will it be free?

Carmine in Hartford: With the press release from some City of Hartford Council member asking to close the state for a month and providing economic relief, how viable is this and do we have the funds to actually do this to ensure that the businesses that are still open will remain safe to reopen?

Audrey in Portland: If in fact CT does have rainy day reserve funds, and Washington cannot seem to come to an agreement on the Stimulus package they teased would be here by Thanksgiving, what are the chances of finding a way to help people in our state – even with keeping them in their homes and the basic right to have food as the distribution lines are increasing?

Sondra in So Windsor: How much data are you getting from the Get Covid CT Alert App and how useful has it been?

Jason in Glastonbury: We’ve seen business shut due to covid violations, even after the announcement of the 10,000 fine – however one business was not charged or fined – how do you decide if a business will be fined or not ?

Bill in Westbrook: Is there a possibility of the state shutting down between Christmas and New Years, giving businesses a beginning, middle and end date? Do you think it would help the hospitals?

Lucia in East Haven: Does the data really show kids are at more risk playing sports than going to school?

Sandy in East Hartford You were one of the first Governor’s to back President-elect Biden, if a position were to open on his team, would you take it?

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