Help #SaveCTRestaurants Here's how you can help!

Help #SaveCTrestaurants Here's how you can help! Scott Dolch opens up about the reality of what this pandemic is doing to our beloved restaurants in CT.

#saveCTrestaurants is a statewide marketing campaign to help restaurants, catering/events, and all related businesses to communicate the impact the pandemic has had on your business. Through this campaign, businesses will share on their social media either a photo or a video message, tagging the campaign hashtags CLICK HERE for the whole campaign!

Text: SaveCTRestaurants to 52886

The objective of this campaign is to capture the attention of the State and of our local communities to share the “real story” of what our industry is facing, how this has impacted you personally and the support our industry so desperately needs to survive. 

We encourage you to share the real and gritty reality of your situation.We do however ask that you refrain from using any threatening language.

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