CT Regional Water Authority - More than just a glass of water!

Here is Renee's interview with Regional Water Authority's Dan Doyle, Manager of Corporate Communications, and Ted Norris, Vice President of Asset Management.

They share about being honored with the 2020 Sustainable Water Utility Management Award and share some great water safety and conservation tips!

Listen here:

About RWA

At the Regional Water Authority (RWA), our purpose is to make life better for people by delivering water for life. Our employees and board members take this responsibility to the region very seriously.

Water is a key element of a prosperous, healthy community. Our employees and board members take great pride in the delivery of this life-sustaining product and the services that safeguard public health, provide fire protection, support local economic growth and maintain the overall quality of life we enjoy.

On average, we supply 43 million gallons of water a day to a population of almost 430,000 people in 15 South Central Connecticut municipalities. It takes running four state-of-the-art surface water treatment plants, maintaining over 1,700 miles of underground pipes, managing 27,000 acres of watershed land, conducting 110,000 drinking water tests per year, safely operating a myriad of equipment and a team of dedicated, skilled employees working 24/7 to produce and deliver abundant, reliable, affordable high-quality water.

As a utility guided by the principles of Conscious Capitalism – a practice that recognizes the innate potential of business to make a positive impact on the region – we’re proud of our leadership position and how we serve our customers and the people of this region by meeting all of their water supply needs. We are also excited for what’s ahead for our organization: a future that is more customer focused and supports a more sustainable environment through new innovation, technology and service offerings.

Eli Whitney II’s vision to make life better for people by bringing water from Lake Whitney in Hamden to the people of New Haven and beyond is in good hands more than 170 years later. At the RWA, we are uniquely positioned to build on our organizer’s legacy by continuing to make a positive difference in people’s lives. And today, we are forward focused and passionate about the journey we are on to transform into a 21st-century environmental services company for our customers.


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