Grandma & Grandpa Send Their Grandkids CARDBOARD CUT OUTS!

Young couple, man with chalk outline

Celebrating Thanksgiving may be different this year and one Texas couple came up with a clever way to do it by thinking outside the box. Missy and Barry Buchanan didn’t want to travel because they’re more vulnerable to COVID complications at their age, but they got creative. They couldn’t be with their four grandchildren in person, so they sent life-size cardboard cutouts of themselves to be their holiday stand-ins.

“We decided that we didn’t want to risk getting sick,” explains Missy, 69. “Then I started thinking, ‘How can I still make it fun?’”

And when the big box arrived with the Grandma and Grandpa look-alikes, their grandkids were thrilled. They’ve been moving them all around the house, from the chicken coop to the front door where they can greet people. These grandparents are definitely missing their family, but they’re hopeful to get to gather around the same table next year.

“Grandparents can lead the way on this. We can show others how you can be safe and still celebrate,” Missy explains. “I think they’re having more fun with the cutouts than they would have had we been there in person!”

Photo: Getty Images

Source: Today

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