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Porch Pirates are SOOOOO annoying!! It's ALREADY STARTING!!! East Haven Police are looking for a woman who stole several packages from several houses the other day. If you recognize her or have any info, contact the East Haven PD!

Couple ways we can ensure our packages aren't pirated this holiday season:

  1. Buy a PORCH PIRATE BAG! This is a heavy duty bag that's locked to your door knob.
  2. If you're an Amazon Prime member, see if AMAZON KEY is available in your area. It's basically a drop off locker for your stuff
  3. Invest in a security camera like a RING DOORBELL.
  4. Invest in a PACKAGE ALARM (yes these exist)
  5. Of course, leave instructions to have your package placed in a hidden area like the back or the garage.

More ways to foil the porch pirate in your neighborhood...click here!

Porch Pirates

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