Meet Patches! A Playful and Good Natured Kitty Ready For Adoption!

Patches is a big boy. He sometimes falls over when he tries to groom his belly. He loves to run and play alone or with another cat. He will give you a head butt if he wants your attention. He loves to be pet. He is very good natured.    He is playful and friendly with other cats. He also likes to talk.   He deserves a loving home!

Patches is FIV positive but healthy.   FIV cats have the same needs as Non-FIV cats. ALL cats should be neutered, live only with other non-aggressive cats, kept as healthy as possible, live in a safe environment , indoors, stress levels kept down , quality diet (the best you can afford), regular vet exams, treat any health problems when they arise. And LOVE.

FIV positive cat can live a full life inside and is not likely to pass it on, if fixed and he/she is not aggressive. With a slow introduction to another friendly cat or in a home with other FIV+ they usually do so well. They are the purrfect kitty for the right home and an experienced cat owner. FIV does not transmit across species. So an FIV+ kitty can also easily be adopted into a home with dogs as well (with a slow introduction of course), or as a single animal in a home.*

He is fixed and up to date on shots. If you are interested in giving this great boy a home please fill out an application on our website at  Our volunteers do their best to respond within 24 - 48 hrs.

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