Covid-19 and the Holiday's. A complete Do's and Don'ts from the DPH

Thursday, November 5th, 2020

Department of Public Health Holiday Gathering Preparation Guidance

Connecticut has been a national leader in our COVID-19 response efforts. However, as the country heads into winter, flu season, and into holiday gatherings – the risk of spreading COVID-19 has become higher, and even Connecticut is seeing a spike in cases.

Several factors contribute to the holidays being a high-risk time to spread the virus, including:

  • Traveling to communities with high concentration of COVID-19 cases;
  • Gathering (indoors or outdoors) with friends and family outside of your local area;
  • Participating in larger, longer gatherings;
  • Traveling for long periods of time in enclosed spaces like buses or airplanes; and,
  • Risky behavior like not wearing masks, or not social distancing around family members and close
  • friends.

No matter how you celebrate – it’s critical to make a plan to ensure that you keep yourself, and your family as safe as possible.

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How should I set up my home for an event?

If you have decided to have a holiday gathering, consider using outdoor space. If that’s not possible – make sure that you set up in a way that ensures your friends and family are spread out. Maybe instead of everyone eating at one large dining room table – you should consider smaller tables in multiple rooms.

I have to attend a holiday event – how can I do it safely?

If you are attending holiday events that include people outside of your household, you may consider the following:

  • Events that use outdoor venues:Attending gatherings held outdoors will pose a lower risk than indoor gatherings.
  • Local events:Avoiding travel outside your community can lower infection risk. 
  • Bring PPE:Bring your own mask, hand sanitizer, and tissues to help you and others stay healthy.
  • Avoid shared items:Consider bringing single use utensils and cups (or your own items). 
  • Prepare with social distancing:Consider avoiding contact with people outside your household for 14 days before the gathering to lower the risk of virus spread. 
  • Safety protocols:Ask the host about up-to-date COVID-19 safety information and protocols that have been taken to lower risks for the gathering in their area. You should also seek out this information yourself to ensure you’re prepared to travel.

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