What to do if your pet goes missing!

ACO DeGenova on What to do for a Missing Pet. We discuss microchips, collars, the first 24 hours and more!!!

From our friends at CT Dog Gone Recovery:

First Things to Do if Your Dog is Missing 

1. Call animal control in your town and Surrounding Towns to report your lost dog.

2. Do a Quick Search of the Area. Do Not Call out to the dog. If you have a fenced in yard, keep gate open so dog can come back in. If there's an electric fence, turn fence off so dog can come back without getting shocked. Leave Food and Water outside. Place the dogs bed in the area of your yard the dog went missing.

3. Fill Lost Pet Alerts at lostmydoggie.com. and Pawboost. All local vets will be notified of your missing dog. 

4. Place your missing dog on your local Facebook Groups. Include your phone number, cross streets, town and a photo of your lost dog.

5.Fill out a lost dog form on our website . Link is Above.

6. When looking for your dog DO NOT CALL OUT TO YOUR DOG. Your dog will just run away. if you see your dog, get on the ground, Do Not make eye contact. You can use food, a favorite toy or another dog to lure your dog to you.


We advise AGAINST search parties. 


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