Golden Retriever Walks 62 Miles Over Two Weeks To Get Home

I don't care what anyone says, animals are smarter than people! Especially dogs!

A dog in China knows there’s no place like home and she walked for two weeks to get there. Ping Ann, a golden retriever, was left with a friend by her owners who lived 62 miles away when they renovated their house so the construction wouldn’t bother her. But after a couple of months, she ran away from her temporary home and was missing.

The one-year-old dog was found outside an office two weeks later near her family’s home. After all that time walking, she was limping and had injuries on her paws, but her rescuers took care of her and then turned to social media to try to find her owners.

Ping An, whose name means “safe” in Chinese, has now been reunited with her family and is recovering well from her long journey. Her family says they’re never going to let her leave their side again. “Ping An, you’ve worked hard,” her owner said. “We would never send you away.”

Source: New York Post

(photo Getty Images)

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