iCleanse CEO Chris Allen, road to success!

Here's Renee's interview with Christopher Allen, CEO of iCleanse.

He chats about iCleanse and how they can help with the disinfection of COVID-19 in large venues using UV-C technology. He also shares some insight on being an entrepreneur and successful business person in 2020.

Listen here:

About iCleanse

iCleanse (formerly ReadyDock) disinfects iOS and Android devices, while securely storing and charging smartphones and tablets in a dock for sanitary, safe access. The first product to combine critical mobile device disinfection for healthcare with charging, storage, and security in a single easy-to-access process, iCleanse solutions were designed with clinicians and patients in mind to ensure that tablets and smartphones are ready and safe when they are needed to enhance, not inhibit, healthcare delivery. iCleanse supports the unique workflow seen in hospitals and medical offices today, including BYOD (Bring your Own Devices), patients as users, and easily adapts to nurses’ and doctors’ varied shifts.

iCleanse was created by people who care about healthcare and know that integrating new processes into a medical environment requires deep thinking and collaboration with those involved in that environment. With solutions to combat Health Acquired Infections (HAI), including COVID-19, iCleanse is key to protecting the population as we continue to battle this pandemic today, as well as any new viruses that may arise in the future.

For more information on iCleanse, visit www.icleanse.com

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