Election Day Update with Governor Ned Lamont

Election Day Update with Governor Ned Lamont: 10 Questions and a surprise guest. Take a listen as he updates us on the revised Phase 2 plans, sports, masks, election day safety, small business loans, mental health support in CT and more.

Thank you for listening to iHeartCommunities on this historic day in America! ELECTION DAY who better to talk than our governor Ned Lamont, thank you for joining us!!

1.What is being done to ensure the safety of the public during election day?

2.Covid aside, voters are turning out in record numbers whether in person or mailing or dropping off their ballots – does this send a message to leaders to suggest a longer voting period or to at least make Election day a federal holiday off – so more American voices can be heard and counted?

3.The Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development created a $50 million grant program to help small businesses in CT recover from COVID-19 challenges. Eligible businesses and nonprofits can receive a one-time $5,000 grant. Funds will be disbursed to approved applicants by 12/30/ 2020. – what other opportunities do you see for business owners, especially our restaurants coming in the near future?

4.We’ve seen a spike in Homelessness, depression, addiction and suicides – what are the plans to invest in mental health here in CT?

5.It's interesting how restaurants are rolling back but gyms are continuing to stay open. Any plans on gyms also phasing back?

6.It seems like the rush on grocery stores is beginning again. What is the plan to keep stores stocked this time around?

7.I spoke with the executive director of CAS-CIAC Glenn Lungarini yesterday and he is thinking winter sports for schools may be pushed to end of November – what can you tell us your hearing from your sources?

8.With the release of the updated guidelines on November 3, do you see us, at least short term, going back to an updated Phase 1 much like the UK will implement this week?


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