Woman Reunites With Family 44 Years After She Was Lost & Adopted

This story has ALL the feels...

After more than four decades, a Vermont woman who was adopted from South Korea by a family in the U.S. has been reunited with her birth family. In 1976,Denise McCarty and her twin sister that she never knew about went missing while shopping at a market with their grandmother when they were three. The sister was found three days later, but Denise was taken to an orphanage and then later adopted by her American parents.

Her biological family had no idea what happened to her and they even opened a business in the market where she disappeared, hoping she would return one day. Denise had been told she was abandoned, so she never knew she had a Korean family. But thanks to a Korean DNA program that matches U.S. adoptees with their families, they were able to reconnect over a video call after 44 years and she hopes to meet them in person when international travel is safe again.

"To have that missing piece of what happened to me is just incredibly overwhelming and happy and it makes me feel whole," Denise says. “You can’t be happier than that.”

Just imagine the emotions...what a beautiful ending for this family!

Source: WCAX

(photo Getty Images)

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