The Hartford Courant Closes its Capitol City Publication

Sad news to report. After over 250 years of publication in our capital city, one of the countries most historic and oldest newspapers and continuous publication is closing up shop and will now be printed in Springfield. This will result in the loss of 151 jobs in Hartford.

I'm so sorry to hear this and have supported the Courant with my subscription my entire adult life. Will this change my subscription? I honestly don't know. The loss of jobs in our State has been catastrophic and this just adds to the devastation.

This will not affect distribution and circulation of the newspaper, just the location of publication. It will however result in the loss of jobs. The Hartford Courant reports that it will eliminate 151 jobs on Broad Street, effective between Dec. 19 and Jan. 15.

This was according to a notice filed with the state Department of Labor Monday 10.19.20.

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