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Here is Renee's interview with Ann Wilson, Client Services Manager for Companions & Homemakers, Inc.

She shares how Companions & Homemakers has continued to provide quality care for clients and keep them safe throughout the pandemic. She also chats about being recognized by Senator Blumenthal for their continued efforts.

Listen below:

“The pandemic has highlighted the essential nature of the company's services, and the role they play in keeping clients safe in their homes during this crisis."

Senator Richard Blumenthal recognizing Companions & Homemakers in Stratford, CT (September 26, 2020)

C&H is going to great lengths to maintain these essential services while keeping keep both our clients and caregivers safe during the pandemic.

  • From the outset of the health crisis, we have maintained a Covid-19 Hot Line to effectively manage the threat in real time.
  • We have established a dedicated Covid-19 management team and conduct regular team meetings to continually improve our pandemic policies and procedures.
  • We have created our own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) distribution center.
  • We deliver protective equipment in advance that’s customized to enable the caregiver to enter the home and provide services safely.
  • Providing care to Covid-positive clients is a on a purely voluntary basis.
  • We have implemented increased pay rates and bonus payments to compensate caregivers for serving Covid-positive clients.
  • Our ability to maintain these essential services throughout this challenging time wouldn’t have been possible without the uncommon dedication of our staff

As a statewide provider of nonmedical homecare support services for older adults and family-owned for more than 30 years, C&H continually strives to provide the gold standard of personal care.

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