Data Breach Affects Patients at Some Connecticut Hospital's

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Patients at some Connecticut hospitals may have had there personal information compromised after a data breach this past Spring.

Between the period of February 7 and May 20 of this year, Blackbaud's, a software company, cyber security team identified and stopped a ransomware attack on their servers.

Before they officially locked the criminal out of their system, the cyber criminal was able to remove a copy of subset data from a, what was described as, private cloud environment.

Blacklaud ultimately paid the ransom and confirmed that the copy that had been removed from their system had been destroyed.

The company went on to say that they do not believe that information was or will be misused or divulged to the public.

"We sincerely apologize that this happened and will continue to partner closely with our customers as we jointly navigate this cybercrime incident," Blacklaud said in a statement.

On Friday, officials at Greenwich Hospital announced that they, along with St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport, Trinity Health New England, and several New York City hospitals, are among the many organizations that have been affected, stating that they haven't been able to assure that this information has been destroyed by the cyber criminal.

The cyber criminal did not obtain any financial information, according to hospital officials.

However, the criminal was able to obtain names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, and philanthropic history from Blackbaud's system.

The criminal did not at any point have access to Yale New Haven Health's medical record system.

In a statement, Greenwich Hospital says:

Greenwich Hospital truly regrets any inconvenience this has caused. As a premier healthcare provider, we strive to demonstrate respect for patients and our community and to always safeguard that information. Given the elements involved in the incident, we do not believe that there are any steps that our community needs to take to protect their information. Letters have been mailed to all those whose information was involved in this incident and if anyone has any concern, they can call 888-479-3536.

Greenwich Hospital continues to evaluate its relationship with Blackbaud.

Yale New Haven Health is looking into whether any of their other hospitals are impacted.

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