This Guy Just Got 120,000 People To Register To Vote...Wait Til You See How

Nearly 120-thousand people are registered to vote thanks to YouTuber and TV host David Dobrik.

The 24-year-old launched a giveaway on his Instagram last week with HeadCount.Org to give away five Tesla cars. All people had to do to win was share the post, tag a friend in the comments and register to vote with the link on his page.

The non-partisan group says it is the largest voting drive in its 16-year history. Founder Andy Bernstein told Forbes, they have registered almost a million people since the group's creation, and now Dobrik is responsible for a tenth of that.

Here’s why the contest worked so well; David has established that he’s great at giving away cars and showing reaction.

HeadCount.Org has worked with numerous celebrities including Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande.


(photo Getty Images)

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