Meet Sonny! Handsome 1 Yr Old Lab Mix Ready For His Forever Home!

Meet Sonny!

Sonny has not had the best of luck when it comes to having a forever family. This sweet pup was found a stray and adopted out. However, it was discovered that his adoptive family was not suitable for him and he has returned to rescue life. He is now waiting patiently for a family to bring him to his forever home and give him the love he deserves. Sonny is a handsome one-year old lab mix. He is just about fully grown, weighing 60 lbs. Sonny has puppy energy and puppy attitude. He loves to spend his day playing. With his high energy, he will need a family that has the time and ability to play with him and exercise him on walks, runs, hikes, etc. daily. Playmates can help get this energy out! He absolutely loves other dogs and children. He is an overall people-friendly dog. However, a home with cats is not suitable for Sonny because he thinks they are fun to chase.

Sonny’s training is in the process. He is working on becoming house-, crate-, and leash-trained. It is important that Sonny has a proper training regimen so that he can learn all of his manners. Training takes time and patience, but with that comes a properly trained pup. It is also important to remember that a new home can be overwhelming for a pup so accidents may happen more often as Sonny adjusts to his new home. With the right family, he will warm right up and be the well-mannered and spunky pup you will adore. Don’t keep Sonny waiting for a home any longer!

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