Millennials Are Going Camping in 2020!


This year hasn’t given many options for traveling and vacations, but our generation has been taking full advantage of the one form of tourism that’s still available. Millennials have been camping so much you’d think somebody said there was a new form of avocado hidden in the woods for us to find.

So far this year Millennials have accounted for 40% of all campers. And what’s even wilder is that we account for 55% of all new campers. Meaning if you went camping and saw someone struggling to put up a tent, or make a fire, there’s a very good chance they were part of the Pokemon generation.

If you’re wondering if this trend will continue when other forms of travel open back up, the answer is astrong maybe.While more than 40% of new campers said they’ll continue doing it next year, the folks at Kampgrounds of America estimate that only 18% will follow through with that.So if you missed the boat this year, no worries, you’ll probably be able to grab a bunch of lightly used camping gear on Facebook Marketplace in 2021.

Source:Fox News

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