Brothers Reunite After 60 Years Of Searching For Each Other

For 60 years, Don Crawford has wanted to find his big brother, Bruce. The boys were born to the Delano family and ended up in the foster care system in Rochester, New York. Both brothers were adopted, but by different families, and they didn’t see each other again … until recently.

Don has spent decades searching for his big brother, who he last saw when he was seven and Bruce was eight and a half. He tried contacting records departments, but he had no idea where Bruce could live. He had looked so long, he almost gave up on ever finding him, but one day the phone rang and the woman on the other end said, “I think you’re my father’s brother.”

It was Bruce’s daughter and her call led the men to reconnect after all this time. “I lost it,” Don admits. “I broke down, I really did.” He recently drove to meet Bruce, surprising him with his visit. It was very emotional for them both and Bruce was shocked to see Don, and they’re happy to have found each other again after so long.

Source: WSMV

(photo Getty Images)

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