Americans Say Moving Is The Most Stressful Life Event...Really?

While the idea of buying a house may sound exciting, there’s one major downside to it – moving. That’s right, nobody really likes to move, and for some, it’s the most stressful thing out there. 

A new survey of folks who have moved within the last three years finds:

  • 45% of folks say moving is absolutely the most stressful event in life.
  • In fact, people find it more stressful than:
    • Going through a breakup/divorce (44%)
    • Getting married (33%)
    • Having children (31%)
    • Starting your first job ever (28%)
    • Entering a new career/ industry (27%)
    • Sending a child off to college (26%)
    • Starting college (22%)
    • Dating someone new (10%)
    • Getting a pet (7%)
  • 63% say their most recent move was one of the most stressful things they’ve ever been through.
  • Of those who handled the move on their own, 43% insist they would never do that again.
  • As for the most stressful things about moving, they include:
    • Packing (48%)
    • Sorting out what to keep and what to get rid of / donate (47%)
    • Making a down payment on my new house / getting a mortgage (28%)
    • Finding a mover (24%)
    • Budgeting for movers (23%)
    • Saving up enough money to sign a lease / get an apartment (14%)
    • Budgeting for renting a moving van/truck (7%) 

Source:SWNS Digital

(photo Getty Images)

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