Adoptable Pet Pick: Meet Butterscotch!

Affectionately nicknamed Mr Sad Face for his pouty good looks, four 1/2 month old Butterscotch has that buttery soft fur that can turn any frown upside down. Although he prefers to not be picked up and held, if you are in the kitchen getting his can of food ready, he is right below your feet with his puppy dog sad eyes just begging for you to give him a pet on the head as soon as you put his bowl down. Much like his brother and sister (Buttercup and Butterfinger), Butterscotch is shy and timid and needs that special person to be patient and let him come around on his own terms. Loud noises, little kids and dogs are not this shy guys wishes - but a calm, quiet, slow-paced chill pad will get this cutie purring.

To find out more about Butterscotch or to make a special appointment to meet him, please contact