Adoptable Pet Pick: It is easy to fall in love with Callie!

It is easy to fall in love with Callie! Between her fluffiness and beautiful color fur she is absolutely cute, plus her petite size makes her even more irresistible! But don’t let that tiny size fool you, she can be at times a rough and tough kitten when she is wrestling with her siblings! She loves playing with string toys and taking naps! At first she may be a little shy, but after some time and some playing she will be outgoing! She enjoys spending time with her kitten siblings. As far as older cats go, Callie is curious and could do well with an active, friendly adult cat in the household.

A patient previous cat owner would make a great match due to Callie’s aloofness in the beginning. Someone who can dedicate time to play and can help build up her confidence will be sure to make Callie an excellent companion fur life!

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