Man Collects Over 7K Bags Of Trash While Walking!

A North Carolina man has spent the last 10 years collecting garbage to try to clean up his local area and the environment. It all started in 2009, when Daniel Toben was a student at North Carolina State University and saw a stream near his dorm that was filled with plastic bottles. Since then, he’s been gathering trash and in just the two years he’s been keeping track of his efforts, he’s collected more than 7-thousand bags of it!

The 31-year-old has found a lot more than trash on his trips. He’s discovered illegal oil dumping sites and recovered hundreds of gallons of toxic chemicals, like antifreeze and pesticides. Toben started a Facebook page,The Earth Stewards, to show people what he’s up to and for those who want to get involved.

“You know, anyone can do this too,” Toben explains. “In terms of being environmentally positive, this is a pretty good thing to do, because plastic lasts for 500 years, so when you do it, you’ve cleaned something up that would have been there for 500 years.”


(photo Getty Images)

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