Joanne T. Breen, CT Realtors 2020 President shares important information.

Here's Renee's interview with Joanne T. Breen, CT Realtors 2020 President.

She shares important information about putting your house on the market and more.

Listen here the to complete interview:

Homes in CT are selling, both to homebuyers relocating within CT and to those coming to CT from out of state. Many people have been looking closely at their living space during the pandemic. Some realize they are in need of more space… whether that’s for a designated office, a larger yard, more room for the kids to do school work. Others have realized now might be the time to downsize.

CT REALTORS need homes to sell. If anyone has been considering a move, now is a great time to put your house on the market. Current demand is outpacing the supply. Homes in CT are more attractive now than they have been in recent years. Homes are selling fast, and often receiving multiple offers.

CT REALTORS have the expertise to help you price and market your home to attract buyers. They will also help you find your next home to meet your needs, whether it’s across town or across the state. Our members are in every community and are here to help.

In a fast moving market where multiple offers are common, a REALTORS' expertise is more important than ever.  A REALTOR will know the pros and cons of each offer based on not just price but terms and conditions such as financing, requested inspections, timing of contingencies and even potential appraisal problems.  

Historically low mortgage rates give buyers more buying power. If you’re hesitant to list your home because you’re not sure where you’ll move to, consider that you may be able to purchase a higher priced home that fits in your budget because the interest rates are so low.

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