CT Based Company: Mizzi Cosmetics leads the charge w/ SAFE hand sanitizers!

Brenda Mierzejewski, Founder of Mizzi Cosmetics, wants you to know they are making SAFE hand sanitizers.

Listen to the complete interview here:

HandLuxe Healthy Hands Hand Sanitizer

Mizzi Cosmetics

Antimicrobial isopropyl alcohol and hydrating aloe combine to make this disinfecting yet nourishing hand sanitizer. We added stress relieving lavender essential oil for a calming, pleasant scent. Sanitizer yields 70% alcohol by volume as per regulations by the CDC.

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About Mizzi Cosmetics

At Mizzi Cosmetics we are and always have been, fully committed to your health and well-being. Facing an unprecedented health crisis is unnerving but following healthy guidelines consistently, allows us to navigate this "new normal" together. It is important for you to know that our staff is working around the clock to provide safe, clean, at-home, lip care for your entire family. Our lip balm formulations help to create a protective barrier which locks in hydration.

Additionally, naturally healing essential oils provide a boost of antioxidants which is important now, more than ever. As we find ourselves in our homes for an elongated amount of time, caring for ourselves and our family properly is vitally important. In addition to staying hydrated with plenty of water, exercising, and fueling our bodies as naturally as possible, selecting clean, non-toxic, skincare products is absolutely crucial. With Mizzi, you can rest assured knowing our products are safe and effective for you and your family, now and always.


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