14 Year Old From East Haven Saves A Man From Drowning!

14-year-old Davin Garamella of East Haven, Connecticut, was in the right place at the right time when he was able to help save a swimmer who nearly drowned.

Davin was hanging out with his family when he noticed a man swimming nearby. Except, the man wasn’t swimming. He was drifting in the water face down.

Davin raced over to check on him and realized he wasn’t breathing.

Davin raced into the water, flipped the man over and pulled him to the sand just off Morgan Avenue Sunday. Paramedics were called and were able to treat the unconscious man, who recovered fully.

While Davin is being hailed as a hero for his quick actions, he doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal, explaining that he “really wasn’t thinking” and “there’s no real thought to when you think from your heart.”

(New Haven Register)

(photo Getty Images)

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