Latest CT Coronavirus Updates, Including School Reopening Guidelines

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Latest Connecticut Coronavirus Updates

The CT Department of Education also held a webinar today, addressing questions regarding the school reopening plan.

Governor Lamont stated later in his daily briefing that they will be closely watching COVID-19 trends and will continue to assess the best options for students and teachers.

The CT Department of Education's guidelines for reopening:

As Connecticut schools plan to reopen, the guidance and considerations outlined in this framework are grounded in six guiding principles:

  • Safeguarding the health and safety of students and staff;
  • Allowing all students the opportunity to return into the classrooms full time starting in the fall;
  • Monitoring the school populations and, when necessary, potentially cancelling classes in the future to appropriately contain COVID-19 spread;
  • Emphasizing equity, access, and support to the students and communities who are emerging from this historic disruption;
  • Fostering strong two-way communication with partners such as families, educators and staff; and
  • Factoring into decisions about reopening the challenges to the physical safety and social-emotional well-being of our students when they are not in school.


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