Nurse Pulls Over And Saves A Life...On The Way To Her Daughter’s Wedding!

Nurses are special people...

A nurse in Nebraska was on her way to her daughter’s wedding when she witnessed a terrible car accident.Jodi Damrow stopped to see if she could help and ended up saving a life before she walked her daughter down the aisle.

The bride, her daughter Hailey Krull, wrote in a Facebook post, “Being an ER nurse for 35+ years, she sprang into action and helped save a life.” Damrow kept a woman’s airway open until paramedics arrived and called a life flight helicopter to the scene. She was wearing a long gown for the ceremony and managed to be a hero without getting blood on it.

After her pit stop, Damrow arrived just 10 minutes before the wedding was supposed to start. She walked in and told her daughter, “I’m sorry I’m late. I had to save a life.”

Source:Sunny Skyz

(photo Getty Images)

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