OK ZOOMER! Yale Student Starts New Dating Site!

Conceptual shot of a young adult couple kissing via mobile phone

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Ileana Valdez goes is an undergrad at Yale and has started a dating website called OKZOOMER, a socially distant dating website and get this...NO PHOTOS ALLOWED!! You actually have to really get to know the other person!

The site has kinda blown up too! The site has about 18K subscribers from 150 colleges and schools around the country and even a few international kids too!

The site works like this. You fill out a questionnaire (standard), you can't upload any pictures and then you'll be matched with someone based on your answers. (The results come out every Saturday).

You can THEN go on a ZOOM date with someone you're matched with and see where the magic goes!

Here's a link to the site if you wanna check it out CLICK HERE

And you can read more about ileana and how she came up with the idea by CLICKING HERE

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