CHEFA: Connecticut Health & Educational Facilities Authority

Here is Renee's interview with Jeanette Weldon, Executive Director of the Connecticut Health & Educational Facilities Authority and Betty Sugerman Weintraub, Grant Program Manager.

They share about CHEFA's mission and about the FY 2021 CHEFA COVID-19 Grant Program.

Listen below:


Investments that make a difference.

CHEFA invests in Connecticut nonprofits by helping them access low cost debt capital from the tax-exempt public and private debt markets and provide equity capital in the form of grants. These investments underpin a critical social service infrastructure system that cares for our health, educates us, cares for our children; and in many cases, provides human services that are not available from any other source. In the absence of Connecticut’s nonprofit organizations, there would be a major degradation in the quality of life not only for those who receive these critical services but for all of us.

CHEFA’s professional staff has a knowledge and experience base gained over the past five decades and through the issuance of over $20.9 billion in tax-exempt bonds.

FY 2021 CHEFA COVID-19 Grant Program

The FY 2021 CHEFA COVID-19 Grant Program will support COVID-19 initiatives in all eight counties throughout Connecticut, as well as in the four CHEFA priority areas of healthcare, education, childcare and cultural. CHEFA will provide critical funding to organizations and institutions responding to the new challenges posed by the pandemic.

The CHEFA Grant Program, established in 2002, has provided more than $38M to support CT nonprofit and public educational units. It is one of only a few major statewide grant programs that provides critical funding for both programs and capital expenditures.

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